The Registrar's Office aims to provide and keep accurate records while maintaining legal and ethical behavior. The office is dedicated to simplifying procedures and helping all students - former, current, and prospective - in a respectful and professional manner.

The office is committed to enforcing the policies set forth by the Board of Regents and Northern State University as well as the core values. The office also continues to streamline vital information and educate the faculty, staff, and students in the proper avenues to follow to achieve their objectives.


The Registrar's Office, also known as Academic Records and Registration, can help with:

  • Program and graduation requirements
  • Transfer evaluations
  • Sending transcripts
  • Registering for classes (we provide forms including pre-requisite overrides, course overloads, internships/practicums/special projects and add slips)
  • Verifying your enrollment for scholarships, insurance, loan deferments, etc.
  • Information on NSU's Graduation Rates


Please contact us at 605-626-2012 or for information, assistance and answers. Follow us on Facebook and check our page on myNSU (for current students) to receive updates regarding important dates and deadlines each semester.


NSU email is the official means of communicating at NSU. Please read any emails received from our staff:


Peggy Hallstrom, registrar

Stephanie Hawkinson, assistant registrar

Tennille Bible, senior secretary


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HOWL Freshman Registration Days

At NSU, freshmen don’t just register for classes – they HOWL! As a first-time freshman, you’re expected to take part in this important NSU program where you’ll meet with your academic advisor; learn academic expectations; and become familiar with campus.

Admission Application

Please complete the application for admission as the first step.

Name Change

Use this form to change the name on your academic records. Supporting documentation is required.

Residency Application

Use this form to apply for South Dakota resident status.


Learn how to request an official transcript.

Transfer Students

It's easy to transfer to Northern! Find the essential information at Transfer Students.

What is Interstate Passport?


Interstate Passport Study-Transfer-SucceedInterstate Passport is a new way for students to transfer courses from one institution to another. Rather than having the college you’re transferring to accept your courses individually, earning a Passport means all of your lower-division general education courses will be accepted as one block. Your Passport will be valid at any Network member institution to which you are admitted. 


Interstate Passport Information for Students

Find Your Passport Institution

NSU Official Interstate Passport Block



Northern is a member of the Interstate Passport Network, which provides a framework for block transfer of lower-division general education attainment based on learning outcomes in nine areas:

  • Foundational skills: oral communication, written communication, quantitative literacy
  • Knowledge of concepts: natural sciences, human cultures, creative expression, human society and the individual
  • Crosscutting skills: critical thinking and teamwork/value systems.

Each network member institution has its own ”passport block”: a menu of lower-division general education courses and learning experiences by which a student can earn the passport.  Students who complete NSU’s General Education requirements with a minimum grade of “C” or its equivalent in each course or learning experience will be awarded the passport by our institution.  Those students who later transfer with a passport to another network institution will have their learning recognized; they will not have to repeat or take additional courses to satisfy lower-division general education requirements in the passport’s nine areas.

The passport offers students:

  • An early milestone on the way to a credential
  • Advance knowledge that lower-division general education learning in the passport’s nine areas will be recognized upon transfer to another network institution
  • The potential for faster time to degree, lower cost, less debt and lower foregone earnings from unduplicated learning
  • A streamlined transfer process and a greater likelihood of successful transfer and completion

Learn more about the Interstate Passport and member institutions


Information on NSU winter and spring commencement ceremonies for graduates and guests

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